200 ɻ (200 Motels)
-2. » (Class of Nuke'Em High Part-2: Subhumanoid Meltdown)
-3. , Ļ (Class of Nuke'Em High 3 The Good, the Bad and the Subhumanoid)
Ż (Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood)
ѻ (Beetlejuice)
Ż (National Lampoon's Senior Trip)
ʻ (Bomber)
(Frere et soeur)
(The Great Bank Robbery)
(The Magnificent Two)
! (Faites sauter la banque)
, ɻ (Certo certissimo anzi probabile)
» (Eight on the Lam)
Ȼ (Inserts)
(The Nude Bomb)
(Golf Punks)
λ (Cannonball)
ܻ (Gorilla Bathes at Noon)
! (Et vive la liberte)
! (Five on the Black Hand Side)
һ (Double Dynamite)
Ȼ (The Girl from Petrovka)
Ż (Hold That Ghost)
Ż (Yasaeng dongmul bohoguyeog)
߻ (The Boogie Man Will Get You)
Ż (Hor B'Levana)
ͻ (Fun with Dick and Jane)
(Detenuto in attesa di giudizio)
-2 (Dream a Little Dream-2)
Ȼ (Joysticks)
Ż (Un idiot a Paris)
߻ (Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo)
(The Disappearance of Kevin Johnson)
ӻ (How to Murder Your Wife)
ѻ (Clarence)
ɻ (Spiklenci slasti)
ʻ (Short Time)
- (Big Top Pee-wee)
߻ (Cheech and Chong's The Corsican Brothers)
? (Who Done It?)
Ż (Costa Azzurra)
, ѻ (Ai qing ling yao)
(The Garbage Pail Kids Movie)
(L'ours et la poupee)
(The World of Henry Orient)
ѻ (Molly and Mops)
Ż (Off Beat)
- л (Ni vu ni connu)
ӻ (Les bidasses s'en vont en guerre)
(Les bidasses en folie)
߻ (Curtain Call)
(Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey)
ʻ (Going Ape)
(City Lights)
ջ (One Night in the Tropics)
(Noita palaa elamaan)
Ż (That Riviera Touch)

. ( ), , , . , .


(A Severed Head)
λ (Father Hood)
Ȼ (The Ghost Breakers)
ʻ (The Census Taker)
ӻ (Crossing the Line)
̻ (Airbag)
߻ (Eating Raoul)
ɻ (Cop and half)
(Questi fantasmi)
һ (The Spirit Is Willing)
, (Goodbye Columbus)
Ȼ (Chance of a Lifetime)
Ż (Buck Privates)
λ (Charlots connection)
00 ˻ (Secret Agent OO Soul)
(Cecil B DeMented)
λ (Watch It)
Ȼ (Here Come the Co-eds)
, ˻ (Carry on Admiral)
, λ (Carry on Cleo)
, ɻ (Carry on Cowboy)
, (Carry on Columbus)
, (Carry on Nurse)
, ܻ (Carry on Emmannuelle)
܅ ӻ (Don't Lose Your Head)
܅ ܻ (Carry on Screaming)
܅ Ȼ (Carry on Up the Jungle)
Ż (Tenue correcte exigee)
Ż (Die dritte Generation)
Ż (Crash Che botte strippo strappo stroppio)
λ (The Cowboy Way)
, λ (Fai in fretta ad uccidermi ho freddo)
(L'assassin est dans l'annuaire)
λ (Stealing Christmas)
һ (Tai fong lo chin)
ͻ (The Florentine)
Ż (Francis in the Navy)
(Francis Goes to West Point)
Ȼ (Francis Goes to the Races)
(Herbie Goes Bananas)
ۻ (The Change-Up)
ͻ (Charleston)
Ż (L'homme l'impermeable)
ܻ (Le roi de coeur)
(Les Charlots en folie A nous quatre Cardinal)
޻ (Quante volte quella notte)
(Magic Kid)
Ż (Bons baisers de Hong-Kong)
Ȼ (Les Charlots en delire)
Ȼ (Les Charlots font l'Espagne)
ۻ (Les Charlots contre Dracula)
ֻ (Rascal)
Ȼ (Sixpack Annie)
Ȼ (The American Way)
(Abbott and Costello Meet Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde)
(Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd)
(Erik the Viking)
Ļ (La poison)
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