Ȼ (France societe anonyme)
ѻ (The Apocalypse)
һ ()
ɻ (Biohazardous)
ɻ (Clash of the Warlords)
» (Dragonfight)
߻ (Brazil)
2889 ӻ (In the Year 2889)
Ȼ (A Taste for Flesh and Blood)
-2. Ļ (A Taste for Flesh and Blood 2 Raising Hell)
(Demon Warrior)
ͻ (La invasion de los marcianos)
ѻ (Galaxis)
(Gamera tai uchu kaiju Bairasu)
(Daikaiju kuchusen Gamera tai Gyaosu)
(Daikaiju Gamera)
л (Gor)
» (City of Angels)
-01 (Dante 01)
Β Ȼ (Darby O'Gill and the Little People)
Ż (Twelve To The Moon)
(Day the World Ended)
, (The Day the Fish Came Out)
, ̻ (The Day The Earth Caught Fire)
, ܻ (The Day The Earth Stood Still)
, ޻ (The Day Mars Invaded Earth)
- (I Criminali della galassia)
˻ (D.A.R.Y.L.)
- ۻ (Cat-Women of the Moon)
(Beyond the Time Barrier)
ͻ (Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes)
762 (Convict 762)
л (Forbidden World)
(The Evil Brain from Outer Space)
ۻ (Zombies of the Stratosphere)
- ۻ (Zontar The Thing from Venus)
ʻ (The Projected Man)
3000 (Gli sterminatori dell'anno 3000)
- л (Caltiki Il Mostro Immortale)
ۻ (The Monolith Monsters)
Ż (Kamikaze)
ͻ (Cocoon)
(The Final Programme)
һ (Contact)
л (The Terrornauts)
(The Cat From Outer Space)
һ (Krakatit)
Ȼ (Where Have All the People Gone?)
ʻ (Zuruck aus dem Weltall)
Ż (Animales racionales)
- (The Invisible Boy)
λ (Vendetta dal futuro)
л (The Revenge of the Teenage Vixens from Outer Space)
(Doomsday Machine)
л (Downdraft)
(Donovan's Brain)
ۻ (Wir)
Ż (Mutiny in Outer Space)
(Attack Of The Puppet People)
߻ (Daybreak)
ܻ (Heaven can wait)
ֻ (Unearthly Stranger)

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Ż (X the Unknown)
2.431 (Nexus 2.431)
ܻ (The Night Caller)
޻ (Wedlock)
-500 (Fireball 500)
(Fire Maidens of Outer Space)
(They Saved Hitler's Brain)
(From Hell It Came)
λ (Akce Bororo)
ѻ (Deep Space)
ѻ (A Boy and his Dog)
Ż (First Man Into Space)
Ȼ (Interceptors)
(The Questor Tapes)
ɻ (Beyond the Universe)
(Conquest of Space)
ۻ (Conquistador de la luna)
ɻ (Heaven Sent)
Ȼ (In the Aftermath)
ǻ (The Final Sanction)
ʻ (Le dernier homme)
߻ (The Aftermath)
Ż (Aftershock)
Ȼ (The Intruder Within)
ֻ (Alienator)
(The Mosaic Project)
(Encounter at Raven's Gate)
(The Curse Of The Cat People)
Ļ (Dead End City)
Ȼ (The Time Travelers)
λ (Five)
» (Robot Holocaust)
λ (Fatal Sky)
ܻ (The Roller Blade Seven)
Ȼ (Timeslip)
ۻ (Seconds)
λ (Future Force)
λ (Creature of Destruction)
(Death on Saturn's Moon)
(La Morte viene dallo spazio)
ܻ (Creator)
ɻ (Battle Beneath the Earth)
ͻ (Crash of Moons)
Ȼ (Happy Accidents)
(Tajemstvi Oceloveho mesta)
Ȼ (Transformations)
Ż (Murder in Space)
3000 (Il giustiziere della strada)
Ȼ (The Annihilators)
л (The Vector File)
ѻ (Cronos)
6 : , (The Six Million Dollar Man Wine Women and War)
6 : (The Six Million Dollar Man Solid Gold Kidnapping)
- -Ȼ (Tomei ningen to hae otoko)
ۻ (Creatures the World Forgot)
-2 (The Philadelphia Experiment-2)
Ż (Die Hamburger Krankheit)
߻ (This Is Not a Test)
ʻ (Ecce Homo)
(I Married a Monster from Outer Space)
(Dragon Fury)
-2 (Dragon Fury-2)
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