˻ (La campana del infierno)
Ȼ (A Bucket of Blood)
- л (Behemoth The Sea Monster)
ֻ (Decampitated)
Ż (Braindead)
Ż (Craze)
ջ (E Tanta Paura)
ӻ (Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla)
ۻ (Billy the Kid versus Dracula)
ۻ (The Brotherhood Of Satan)
λ (Delirios de um Anormal)
ӻ (Il Bosco)
Ȼ (The Return Of Count Yorga)
ѻ (The Return Of Doctor X)
߻ (El retorno del Hombre-Lobo)
ͻ (The Crow)
-2. » (The Crow-2 The City Of Angels)
-3. Ż (The Crow-3 The Salvation)
-4. (The Crow-4 Wicked Prayer)
Ȼ (Revolt Of The Zombies)
(Cemetery Gates)
-2 (Gui yao gui)
-3. ƻ (Ghoulies-3 Ghoulies Go To College)
-4 (Ghoulies-4)
ܻ (Hansel E Gretel)
ǻ (Ipnosi)
(Cats Eye)
ܻ (Nekeddo buraddo Megyaku)
ʻ (Eraserhead)
(Blue Monkey)
(The Gorilla)
(Frankenstein General Hospital)
ʻ (Grotesque)
ܻ (Deadbolt)
ӻ (Door To Silence)
ͻ (Il demonio)
(La endemoniada)
: Ȼ (Demonoid Messenger of Death)
ܻ (Dr Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo)
Ļ (Dr Jekyll And Sister Hyde)
ѻ (Dr X)
ϻ (Dr Cyclops)
Ȼ (Death Valley)
(La casa del sortilegio)
Ȼ (Death House)
, λ (The House Where Evil Dwells)
, ܻ (The House That Dripped Blood)
-2. ߻ (House-2 The Second Story)
ۻ (Draculas Daughter)
(She Devil)
- (Cobra Woman)
л (El monstruo resucitado)
ѻ (Curtains)
ۻ (The Eye Creatures)
Ż (Evil Spawn)
-2 (Hexen Geschandet Und Zu Tode Gequalt)
Ȼ (Izbavitelj)
-2. ʻ (The Exorcist-2 The Heretic)
» (Empire Of The Ants)
û (The Jitters)
߻ (Tokaido Yotsuya kaidan)
л (Carnosaur)
-2 (Carnosaur-2)
-3. Ȼ (Carnosaur-3 Primal Species)
ۻ (Catacombs)
ѻ (The Climax)
(The Club)
(The Crawling Hand)
ܻ (Fortress)
ʻ (Scream And Scream Again)
(Cry Terror)
߻ (Blood Massacre)
Ż (Blood Legacy)
λ ()
λ (Bloody Murder)
-2. ܻ (Bloody Murder-2 Closing Camp)
ۻ (Corridors of Blood)
ۻ (Brides of Blood)
Ȼ (Blood Tracks)
» (Blood Rage)
ܻ (Beast of Blood)
л (Nightmare in Blood)
ܻ (Camp Blood)
-2 (Camp Blood-2)
-4. ߻ (Camp Blood-4 First Slaughter)
û (Brain Of Blood)
ͻ (Boardinghouse)
ƻ (Blood Beach)

, . , . , . , .


Ļ (Blood Freak)
Ȼ (Death Bed The Bed That Eats)
ۻ (Blood Relations)
Ż (Bloodletting)
(Blood Of The Vampire)
ֻ (Sangre de virgenes)
˻ (Crocodile)
-2. λ (Crocodile-2 Death Swamp)
(The Devil-Doll)
(The Couch)
(The Alligator People)
(The Mask)
ɻ (Dead and Buried)
(Revenge of the Red Baron)
ͻ (La vendetta di Lady Morgan)
һ (Mister Frost)
ܻ (The Convent)
Ȼ (Taekoesu Yonggary)
(The Crater Lake Monster)
û (Mortuary)
(Dark Asylum)
ӻ (The Watcher in the Woods)
ʻ (Attack Of The Giant Leeches)
޻ (Color Me Blood Red)
ܻ (Don't Open the Door)
(Bride Of Re-Animator)
ۻ (The Brides Of Dracula)
Ż (Stranger In Our House)
һ (Necromancer)
ͻ (Necronomicon-Getraumte Sunden)
߻ (Night Gallery)
Ȼ (Night of the Zombies)
Ȼ (Dellamorte Dellamore)
ʻ (Boy Eats Girl)
̻ (The Coroner)
» (The Corpse Grinders)
Ȼ (El grito de la muerte)
ʻ (The Carpenter)
˻ (Full circle)
λ (Disturbed)
Ż (Il bosco fuori)
һ (Der Student von Prag)
Ȼ (Confessions of a Psycho Cat)
Ȼ (The Mummys Ghost)
(The Devil Commands)
(Curse of the Swamp Creature)
Ȼ (The Mummys Curse)
߻ (The Curse Of The Werewolf)
(La maldicion de la bestia)
(The Curse of El Charro)
һ (Haunted by Her Past)
ۻ (The Birds)
Ż (Slaughter High)
߻ (Berserk)
ۻ (Fatal Games)
, ܻ (La mano che nutre la morte)
- ͻ (Out of Sight Out of Mind)
» (Garden of the Dead)
(La Setta)
ܻ (Grey Knight)
ܻ (And Soon the Darkness)
(Doom Asylum)
(Deadly Invasion The Killer Bee Nightmare)
Ȼ (Death Screams)
ۻ (The Deadly Bees)
˻ (The Deadly Mantis)
ܻ (Death Line)
̻ (To Sleep with a Vampire)
߻ (The Pack)
߻ (Strangeland)
(El extrano hijo del Sheriff)
߻ (Creature from the Haunted Sea)
(Creature From The Black Lagoon)
߻ (Dark Tower)
(Dark Places)
̻ (Hideous)
ǻ (Il terzo occhio)
ӻ (A Crack In The Floor)
ۻ (Los monstruos del terror)
ͻ (El Baron del terror)
ܻ (The Ghoul)
һ (The Faculty)
(Der Fan)
ͻ (Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed)
-70 (Frankenstein-70)
(Circus of Fear)
ۻ (Darkman)
ʻ (The Black Castle)
(Castle Freak)
ۻ (The Beast of Hollow Mountain)
(The Beast Of Yucca Flats)
߻ (Silent Tongue)
ɻ (Psychic)
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